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Fouad whatsapp apk download Update the latest version 2022 August

fouad whatsapp latest version

Fouad WhatsApp Features

Now you can access a lot of highlights of fouad whatsapp latest version that you can't find on the official Whatsapp. I will share other highlights of fouad whatsapp update. There are many features that can only be discovered after installation. So, here is a summary of the highlights you will get after introducing Fouad whatsapp.

Auto-reply messages

Most sellers have to activate the automatic message reply feature, so there is no need to reply to basic questions on the buyer's chat. Of course, such a facility can be a great time saver for sellers, especially when it comes to answering buyers' questions.

Below you can mimic the steps to design an auto-message reply using fouad whatsapp download.

  • 1. Make sure you already have the app and open it immediately
  • 2. Select the icon with the three-dot image in the top right corner
  • 3. Select the fouad whatsapp apk settings menu and several other options will appear
  • 4. Select the option for the auto-reply message form
  • 5. Then a new screen will appear, with a plus sign in the bottom left corner
  • 6. Click on the symbol to add settings for automatic message response
  • 7. Each time you chat with certain keywords, type in the automatic answer you want
  • 8. After completing the settings and saving the results, you can start trying out the auto-response message feature on your friend's or family member's phone

More Topics

Another interesting feature offered by this chat application is the possibility to choose from a very wide variety of themes. The themes are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can be chosen as you wish.

Those who want to change the background of WhatsApp need to follow the steps.

  • 1. Select the menu section with the vertical three-dot icon
  • 2. Next, several menus will appear and look for the menu that shows the change of the theme
  • 3. After that, you can select the Fouad settings option
  • 4. Then select the desired theme
  • 5. You can also change it by selecting the Fouad Themes opsi option
  • 6. Save the theme changes and the theme on your WhatsApp has been changed